California’s long-term drought has become a crippling issue for the state. The San Joaquin Delta region in northern California is the State’s main water source, feeding nearly all of the farms, cities and communities throughout the Central Valley and southern half of the state. The Delta’s ecosystem is in dramatic decline and its reliability as a sustainable water source is in jeopardy. For the past seven years, California has been studying a solution called the Bay Delta Conservation Plan that would increase water reliability and repair the ecosystem. After over a year of considering public feedback, a final plan has been brought forth that splits the project into two distinct efforts:  a massive water reliability construction project involving two 40′ diameter underground tunnels and an equally ambitious ecosystem restoration program to help stabilize and reverse the Delta’s decline. As a result, the State needed a strong, cohesive and reliable brand for the coordinated public educational phase of the project. Commuter Industries was brought on-board to lead and own the entire brand development process which is an ongoing effort that continues to evolve in lockstep with the overall project. To date, efforts have included a comprehensive brand identity and design standards, marketing strategy and copywriting consultation, numerous fact sheets, the creation of dozens of custom infographics, illustrations, and iconography, and a mobile-optimized, dynamic website featuring a custom-built CMS.