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We are a group of people-focused creators and designers.

Commuter Industries was founded in 2014 with the main goal of helping people and businesses achieve their best potential through great design. Our name was chosen to celebrate the creative, collaborative journey we take with our clients on getting them where they want to be. We love design in all of its boundless forms and are inspired by the world around us and the people we meet. For us, business is always about the quality of all the people involved and the relationships that develop.


Robert Maurer

Co-founder / Creative Director

As a highly skilled, abstract thinker whose 20 years of experience includes brand management, identity design, exhibit design and creative campaigns for some of the nation’s top companies, my exceptional analytical and organizational skills allow me to anticipate any challenges that arise during the course of a project. I have an absolute commitment to providing outstanding service, which results in the delivery of projects on schedule, on budget and above expectation. With each project, I proactively foster a team atmosphere with our clients and colleagues to facilitate innovative solutions for any design challenge. My progressive creative style, high professional standards, and business experience add value to anyone looking to tell a better, more effective brand story.

When I am not designing at the computer, I am designing in some other way, whether that involves tackling an interior design project in my home, blogging, refinishing mid-century furniture, making paper crafts or expanding my culinary skills in the kitchen. With my wildly creative imagination, my practical business experience and leadership skills and a passion for all things creative, I have found that I am doing not only what I am good at, but also what I love to do.



Glen Warren

Co-founder / Designer / Brand Strategist

I have accrued over 10 years of marketing and branding experience, and I am passionate about building solid relationships with consumers through robust and relevant strategies and ideas. I thrive in creative environments and work best with strong, collaborative teams and visionary leaders.

Design is a big part of what I do.  Many of my projects are ongoing and continue to evolve.  It is my goal to listen and understand a client’s needs, develop a strong brand voice, and help them tell their story through marketing experiences that are actually valued by the consumer.  Wherever I go, I am always seeking to better myself, expecting to learn new skills and gain seasoned insights from the most knowledgable and experienced people out there.



Vince Ewert


I’ve spent the past 20 years in design, branding, and identity supporting a myriad of industries, including: technology, entertainment, healthcare, government, apparel, A/E/C, non-profit, retail and education. My design charter is to create distinctive, engaging, clear and appropriate solutions that focus on user experience. I enjoy partnering closely with clients to get the most effective visual communication results.

When not working, life is full with family, driving muscle cars, restoring, traveling and vintage toy hunting.