Space Party

Commuter Industries

In 2012, we decided to create and brand an over-the-top and spectacularly designed Halloween party with the theme “Mission to Mod.” Our goal was to create a minimalist, futuristic outer space scene with British mod influences of the 1960s.

Invitations were mailed in silver vacuum envelopes and included a save-the-date magnet as well as a boarding pass. Guests were also directed to an official website, offering a costume inspiration gallery and other activities to get the ideas flowing.

Construction began in early September, and never ceased up to the day of the party. The event space featured 2 hand crafted command centers, automat, go go dance cage, professional photo studio, an assortment of space-themed games, 2-story Saturn V rocket, various robots and motion-activated pod doors. We also refurbished a 1960s candy machine and designed custom themed wrappers for each of the products.