Halloween Launch Party

Commuter Industries

For the launch of Commuter Industries, we decided to throw a big branded Halloween party. As the fourth in a series of fully branded company events, this was by far our most involved. We are huge fans of the original Batman: The Animated Series and we wanted to bring that look and feel to life in a dark and refined way. The theme was centered around being less Gatsby glam and more Gotham grit — or what would represent the finer tastes and lifestyles of a hardened, upper-crust Gotham citizen / criminal.

We completely transformed the space with huge custom designed and hand-built installations including a subway bar, a furnace, a rock wall, a faux brick wall treatment that wrapped the entire space, 3 main games, and a grand entryway featuring a 3-dimensional cityscape, bat signal, and steel streetlamp. A design language was established that was carried consistently throughout the experience, from the initial save the date card to the invite to all signage and the aesthetic of the elements in the physical space. Individual vignette areas were created and each included a signature soundscape to add audible dimension and texture to the experience:  Entryway = city sounds of sirens, traffic, distant shouts; Lounge Area = underground sounds of a screeching subway, water drips and ambient boiler room noise; Bathroom = a small deco radio playing real police scanner chatter. The music throughout the night featured electroswing and both original hits and modern remixes of songs from the 1940s.

You can see a comprehensive case study of this event here.

One word for this event:  CUSTOM.