60 Years of Streng Bros. Homes

SacMod | Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

The Streng Brothers were residential developers in the Sacramento area from the 1960s into the 1980s. During that time, they were one of the only developers in the area building timeless modern homes, designed by modernist architect Carter Sparks, for the exploding middle class. Over the 30 year span of business, the brothers built around 3,800 homes. After a tireless three-year search, Commuter Industries co-founder, Robert Maurer, finally landed his own Streng home. Since getting the keys in October of 2016, Robert Maurer and Glen Warren have been hard at work restoring and renovating the home. You can follow the progress over on the Mid-century Maurer blog.

We realized that 2019 marked the 60th Anniversary of the Streng Bros. Homes. So, to honor and celebrate their important and enduring work, Commuter Industries decided to put together a home tour consisting of six beautiful Streng homes. We teamed up with Sacramento Modern (SacMod), a non-profit focused on preserving modern art, architecture, and design in the Sacramento region. Together, we were able to organize and execute the entire tour, which required quite a lot of design from start to finish. Items designed and produced included unique event branding, a 56-page tour booklet, yard signs, social media content, shirts, posters, a media kit, and a short documentary.